Nonchalance Calculée - Ep.05

5-4 AM - Poetry: I Be Waiting You On Our Crossroads

Aardvarck - u are, not what u think

Poem: Alex Deforce - Over Nalatenschap

Uit de Nalatenschap van Kasper Demeulemeester - D Time

Musica Mosaica - Kαταστροφή

Poem: Teleferick - Ontzilt

Ruth Garbus - Pitiful Poetry

Dntel - The Lilac And The Apple (remix)

Arthur Russel - Answers Me

James Pants - Rhythm Track Vol. 1-10

Two Pin Din - Listen to the Painters

Poem: Listen To The Painters (read by AD)

Impotentie - Leopold I & II

Muziekkamer - Clodhopping Mugfakers

Poem: Le Grand Lange Jojo - Ik Ben Ma Leive Meug

Delodio - The Murderer

SSIEGE - Turbe In Sviluppo

Poem: JMH Berckmans - Doe De Bulderdrang (Circus Bulderdrang)

Dark Day - Nudes in the Forest

Delodio - Frozen Chips Sandwich

Harde Smart Exclusive